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Personal Training

What is Personal Training?

Personal trainers devise exercise and nutrition programmes with expected benefits of improved body composition, better physical performance, healthier heart condition and improved health factors. Personal trainers improve the client’s adherence to their programme through better attendance, increased intensity of work through motivational techniques, improve the safety of their workout by appropriate instruction and correction of technique. Personal trainers also review and modify both exercise and nutritional components of their clients’ programme at regular intervals.

Our approach to Personal Training?

Our personal trainers are qualified to work with people who have health and fitness problems. Also, the work commences with a careful physical assessment of their client. This comprises a functional movement analysis; this comprises a series of specific movement examinations to determine how well the client’s body performs fundamental movement patterns. This is followed by carrying out specific corrective exercises to establish as fully as possible, normal patterns of movement.

Who is Personal Training Plus suitable for?

We all have goals in mind – working with a Saturn Fitness and Wellness Personal Trainer will help you reach your health and fitness goals so much faster, and will make sure you have fun while you’re at it. Whether you want to tone up or build muscle, improve your sports performance or get your figure back after a baby, our Saturn Fitness and Wellness personal trainers are friendly, passionate and incredibly good at the work they do. With a broad range of qualifications and experience, Saturn Fitness and Wellness personal trainers have the expertise to train a variety of individuals including; men, women, athletes, executives, pre- and post-natal mothers and rehabilitation clients.

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Weight Management

What is dieting?

Dieting is any planned change to what you eat and drink and can have numerous objectives including losing weight, to gain muscle, to avoid certain items such as meat,nuts or dairy products.

What is the best way to lose weight?

Planning to lose weight isn’t as easy as you may think. Time and again, reputable studies have shown that the most reliable way to lose weight and not put it back on again is to combine eating a little less in terms of calories and using a little more calories through additional exercise.

How does Saturn Fitness and Wellness’ Personal Weight Management Programme work?

When you join our programme, our friendly in-house experts will focus on three key areas; healthier eating, increased physical activity and lifestyle. They will educate you to make important changes that will help you achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss. We guarantee you will lose weight or your money back*.

Personal service

For the healthier eating and lifestyle elements of your programme, you will receive personal service throughout your time with us. You will not be in a room full of other people, you will not hear a bell ring when you have lost weight, nor will there be silence when you haven’t. We will support you all of the way. Only for the exercise component of your programme will you have other people with you, though you can choose to do this part of the programme on a one to one basis too.

Get started

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